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    CStay home if you have flu symptoms. Visit for more information.

    If you are in need of Home Health Services, you can feel confident requesting services from th
    Lady of the Sea Home Health Agency!

    The Lady of the Sea Home Health Agency provides services in a patient's home at the request of a licensed physician. The term Home Health Agency often indicates that a home care provider is Medicare certified, as is Lady of the Sea Home Health Agency. Actual home care services are delivered at home to patients who are recovering from illness or medical treatment, disabled, chronically or terminally ill and in need of medical, nursing or social or therapeutic treatment and / or assistance with the essential activities of daily living. A plan of treatment for the patient is established by the physician and the services are provided by our certified and trained home health staff.

    Our staff includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, a social worker, as well as physical therapists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and a registered dietitian.

    Our registered nurses provide skilled services that cannot be performed safely and effectively by nonprofessional personnel. Some of these services include injections and intravenous therapy, wound care, education on disease treatment and prevention and patient assessments. The registered nurses also provide case management services.

    Our physical therapists work to restore the mobility and strength of patients who are limited or disabled by physical injuries through the use of exercise, massage and other methods. Physical therapy treatment often alleviates pain and restores injured muscles.

    Our Social workers will evaluate the social and emotional factors affecting ill and disabled individuals and provide counseling when necessary. The social worker will also help patients and their family members identify available community resources.

    Our Speech language pathologists work to develop and restore the speech of patients with communication disorders, usually a result of a trauma such as surgery or a stroke. Speech therapists also retrain patients in breathing, swallowing and muscle control.

    Our Occupational Therapists help patients who have physical, developmental or social problems that prevent them from performing the general activities of daily living. The therapist will instruct a patient on using specialized rehabilitation techniques and equipment to improve their function in tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing and basic household routines.

    A dietitian is available to provide counseling services to patients who need professional dietary assessments and guidance to properly manage an illness or disability.

    Lady of the Sea General Hospital has been providing Home Health Services to many qualified patients through the years, and this is an area where our patients can see how Lady of the Sea "treats you like family-you're one of our own!" Here are a few written comments that we have received from patients and their families about the treatment received from the Lady of the Sea Home Health Agency:

    "Thank you all for everything you have done for me. You all acted as friends-beyond the call of duty. I cannot ever repay what you have done. Thanks!"

    "All nurses were wonderful, caring and efficient and were absolutely great!"

    "Very satisfied with the service from your staff. I would recommend your service to everyone."

    "Thank you to the staff for helping me with my mom's care. Having visits from your staff helped Mom to walk and improve her health so much faster than doing it alone. Thanks again!"

    In a survey that was completed by previous Lady of the Sea Home Health patients, our services and staff scored 100% positive feedback in the following categories:

    • A nurse or therapist evaluated my pain
    • The staff was responsive to my reports of pain.
    • My pain was well managed while a client of home health.
    • I received education about pain management
    • I would use your home health care services in the future, if necessary.
    • I would recommend your home health care services to other individuals.

    For additional information about our Home Health Agency, please call (985) 632-6900.



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