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    Medical / Surgical Unit

    Welcome to the Medical / Surgical Unit at Lady of the Sea General Hospital. Throughout your stay, our efforts will be directed toward a single purpose: getting you well and home again as soon as possible. Our caring, compassionate staff will work with you and your family members to provide you with the best medical care.

    To aid in your recovery, we encourage your family members to visit you often and a family member or friend may remain with you 24 hours a day. For individuals who are unable to communicate their needs or call for assistance, we ask that an adult remain with them throughout their stay. If you need assistance, please talk with the charge nurse, Medical / Surgical Unit manager or the social worker.

    There are 21 beds available for our medical / surgical patients and 4 beds available in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on the 2nd floor at Lady of the Sea. The majority of rooms are private, although there may be instances when patients are assigned to a semi-private room.

    Hospitalization is always a stressful time for patients and their families. We ask that any questions or concerns be directed to the charge nurse or Medical / Surgical Unit manager so that we can handle your concern immediately.
    The family / ICU lounge is located in the west wing (north hall) of the 2nd floor, directly across from the hospital elevators.

    Children are welcome in the daytime, but at night we can only accommodate adult family members. There are a limited number of recliners available for sleeping. Please remember to be considerate of others in this small space.
    A physician will see you daily while you are in the hospital. Please participate in your care by letting the physician know of any health related concerns or symptoms you are experiencing.

    The physician and the hospital staff work together as a team to provide your care. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Expect our staff to identify themselves when providing your care, wash their hands prior to and after caring for you and validate your identity before administering medications or drawing blood. Please feel free to ask any questions about new medicines, tests or procedures. We appreciate and invite your questions.

    You can relax and trust that you will receive the very best in medical care while you are a patient here at Lady of the Sea General Hospital. We exist to provide you high quality health care in a personalized manner.