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    Cover your nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Visit for more information.

    Announcing the opening of our new AFTER HOURS clinic!

    The South Lafourche community now has a convenient location during evenings and weekends for medical care of minor illnesses, injuries and infections. Open 7 days a week, Monday through Friday from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm, the After Hours Clinic is located at 186 West 134th Street, directly across from the Emergency Room. The walk-in clinic means no appointments are necessary.

    Click here to view the After Hours page

    Prescription Savings Program

    Lady of the Sea Community Pharmacy at Frank's Supermarket in Larose is offering a Prescription Savings Program! The program is available to everyone - no membership required!
    $4 for 30 day, $8 for 60 day, $10 for 90 day are plans applied to certain medicines we carry. CLICK HERE to view the Pharmacy page for more information. Easily request refills by phone or online! Optional ready for pick-up notifications available by TEXT and EMAIL.
    Contact our pharmacy today! (985) 693-9260

    LERN Recognition

    We are recognized in the May 2014 newsletter from the Louisiana Emergency Response Network as a success story for Stroke Tele-Medicine. Through early identification and treatment, one of our patients received excellent care and made a successful recovery through life-saving techniques provided by Lady of the Sea in partnership with Ochsner Medical Center's tele-medicine tool. To read the entire article, please click here.

    Commercial - Surgery Team at LOSGH

    You can feel comfortable coming to Lady of the Sea knowing that you are receiving the very best in medical care. View this TV Commercial about our excellence in surgery at Lady of the Sea General Hospital.
    Want to see all our TV commercials? Click here!

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    LOSGH Receives Studer Award

    Lady of the Sea has earned the "Firestarter" Award, also known as the Healthcare Organization of the Month Award, for May 2012. Quint Studer, founder of the Studer Group, is shown in this video presenting us with this prestigious award. The award distinguishes LOSGH among other hospitals by highlighting our improvements to quality of care.

    See the video here

    Lady of the Sea Listed in LA Top Hospitals

    Louisiana Life Magazine has listed Lady of the Sea General Hospital as a top hospital in the state, among others. Patients queried by Medicare about their quality of service from hospitals are the source of evaluations that can be found on The ranking in this article from the magazine is the work of two years of research by the magazine using Medicare's evaluations. At least 50 percent of the patients queried had to give the hospital a top overall ranking of 9 or 10 in order to qualify for the magazine's elite listing. Lady of the Sea is proud of its employees, who have all contributed to the consistent high scoring. "Louisiana's Top Hospitals - The Patients Speak" can be viewed on Louisiana Life's website:

    LOS Medical Clinics convert to Electronic Health Records!

    Lady of the Sea Medical Clinics have converted to Electronic Health Records!
    Patients will be able to: Exchange messages with our practice, review and pay billing statements, request appointments, research health topics, review Personal Health Information, complete and update medical forms, and update your profile and contact information. There is also a link on our main website,, on the main navigation bar with other links titled "Clinic Portal" or click here to access it now.

    Ask your provider for more information!

    Web address and personal PIN will be available upon office visit check-in.

    Wrapped Up in Appreciation

    Mr. Rex Matherne and his wife, Mrs. Anna Matherne recently donated a beautiful hand-made quilt to our staff in appreciation of the care Mr. Matherne received during a recent ER visit. "We wanted to show our appreciation for all that the staff did for Rex, for all ya'll help getting him back well. We want people to see the quilt and know how good the care is at our hospital," said Mrs. Matherne. Our staff was so grateful to be recognized with such a heartfelt gift. The quilt has a medical theme in each panel, including one that depicts our Physicians and one that depicts our Nurses. The quilt will be displayed in our lobby for everyone to see and enjoy the beautiful work of art. Shown (L-R) Karen Collins, RN, CEO; Chantelle Bouffanie, CNA; Brittney Ledet, RN, BSN; Mr. Rex Matherne; Kalie Gisclair, RN, BSN; Mrs. Anna Matherne; Miss Ashlyn Shicksnider, Granddaughter.

    Watch Our Progress!

    Lady of the Sea's new Medical Clinic began construction in July of 2014. Click here to view our photos showing progress from the start of the project.

    Congrats, Dr. Camille Pitre!

    Dr. Camille Pitre, family medicine physician at the LOSMC-Larose clinic, was announced on Thursday, August 28th as the award recipient for the 2014 Rural Health Practitioner of the Year.

    This award is received from the Louisiana Rural Health Association with support from Bureau of Primary Care and Rural Health, and is based on specific criteria that includes patient satisfaction. We are Proud of You!

    Ebola Drill

    On Thursday, October 16, Lady of the Sea General Hospital, in conjunction with Lafourche Ambulance District (LAD) #1 and the Hospital Designated Regional Coordinator from Health and Human Services (HHS) conducted an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) drill to test our competency and readiness to face a possible EVD case in our community. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Ebola Drill.

    Parlor Trick That Boosts Brainpower

    Next time you forget where you parked, here's a little idea that could get you back behind the wheel pronto: Pinch your right nostril shut. Sounds strange, but research shows that pinching the right one shut and breathing through the left one boosts spatial memory -- that part of your brain that helps with memory and navigation.

    Pick a Side
    It's a right brain/left brain thing. In general, you use the left side of your brain to balance your checkbook, carry on conversations, and solve problems that require linear reasoning. The right side? It helps you paint like Picasso and recognize faces, and it controls spatial abilities. And the right side is also in charge of the left side of your body. But here's the twist: The left side of your body controls the right side of your brain, and vice versa. So when you breathe through the left nostril, it gives the right side of your brain a boost! It's neat cocktail-party trivia.

    Fats That Might Depress You

    Shift your fatty acid balance in favor of a brighter mood. Modern diets are high in omega-6 fatty acids -- found in meat, eggs, refined grains, and corn oil -- and low in omega-3 fatty acids. New research suggests this imbalance could be a risk factor for depression. Add more mood-boosting omega-3-rich foods, such as flaxseeds, fish, and nuts, to your diet. Omega-6s and omega-3s are forms of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Researchers have long suspected that deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids contributes to depression. Now, a new study reveals that the balance between omega-3s and omega-6s may influence depression risk. In the study, brain cell membranes of depressed rats had elevated levels of arachidonic acid, a type of omega-6, in certain areas. Nondepressed rats had lower levels. The amount of omega-3s in the brains of both depressed and nondepressed rats, however, did not differ significantly. Omega-6s are found in abundance in red meat, poultry, refined grains, and certain fats such as corn oil and margarine.

    Get Fit Faster with This One Easy Rule

    The deceptively simple path to a fit bod begins with the easiest activity in the world: walking.

    Every get-fit plan should start with a basic 30-minute daily walk for 30 days. It will prime your body for the muscle-toning and stamina-building exercises you need in order to go from couch potato to hot tamale. Cheat or skip this simple step and you run the risk of injuring yourself and falling off the fitness wagon.

    First Things First
    According to RealAge expert Mehmet Oz, MD, an out-of-shape muscle is deficient in two things: tiny powerhouse factories (called mitochondria) that generate juice for your workouts, and contractile proteins that give the muscle strength. And walking for 30 minutes a day -- or for 10 minutes three times a day -- for a month replenishes mitochondria and contractile proteins, so your body will be ready and able to build on your fitness routine.

    Take the Next Step
    When you're ready to expand your exercise program, follow Dr. Oz's guidelines for sculpting a lean, healthy body:
    • After 30 days of walking, add 10 minutes of resistance training, focusing on the large muscle groups of your body (back, abs, quads, glutes, shoulders, and hamstrings) every other day.
    • The next month, add another 10 minutes of resistance training, hitting your remaining muscle groups (chest, shoulders, and arms) every other day.
    • Congratulations! After 90 days, you'll be ready to bust out your cutest workout gear and showcase your skills in Salsa Step or Morning Muscle Up class. Add 21 minutes of stamina-building exercise to your routine three times a week.



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