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    Cover your nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Visit for more information.

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    When Should Your Child Stay Home From School?

    A change to the state?s compulsory attendance law for school children has taken effect in our parish this school year. Although illnesses in children are considered ?excused? absences, there is still much confusion for parents on when they should send a child to school or keep him home because of illness. Parents often have trouble knowing whether their child is too ill to go to school.

    When checking for physical symptoms, consider if your child:
    • Looks sick.
    • Seems VERY tired and needs bed rest. This is common with flu symptoms.
    • Has vomiting or diarrhea.
    • Becomes short of breath or has an increase in wheezing during normal activity.
    • Has a cough that disrupts normal activity. Cold symptoms in children are prevalent in winter. If a child also has a fever, then the child should stay out of school. If the cough is persistent and physically draining, then the child should stay out of school. If the child has only a runny nose and slight cough, then the child should be able to attend school. Some children may have a slight cough for many weeks during the winter.
    • Has an underarm temperature of above 100?F. A child who has experienced fever can consider returning to school when he has been free of fever for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medicine such as Tylenol ?) and is feeling better.
    • Has a contagious disease. Some examples are: chickenpox, flu with vomiting and diarrhea, colds, strep throat, lice and scabies, impetigo and ?pinkeye?. Your child should stay home from school to keep from spreading it to others.
    • Has pain from an earache, headache, sore throat or recent injury.
    • Has a yellow or green drainage for the eye(s).
    • Breaks out in a rash.

    Remember, school is considered a child?s work, and while it?s important that your child does not miss more days of school than necessary, it is also important to remember that a child with a contagious disease can cause havoc in a school environment.
    If your child is exhibiting signs of illness and you?re concerned, call one of our Lady of the Sea Family Medical clinics and get an expert opinion from a health care provider. We care about you and your children and want to keep you all as healthy as possible.

    Click here to VIEW ALL ARTICLES from this newsletter

    DOWNLOAD A PDF of the Fall 2010 newsletter here



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