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    Daisy Award Program


    Lady of the Sea is proud to announce Kalie Gisclair, RN as the recipient of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for 2015.


    The DAISY Award recognizes the extraordinary care and compassion provided by nurses. Quotes from Kalie's nominations include:

    • "I am nominating Kalie because we had an elderly patient who was discharged from the ED with no way to get home. When we offered to get her a cab, she mentioned she would have to climb through the window because she locked herself out. Kalie decided to take the woman home herself to make sure she got in. When she saw her very poor, unsafe living conditions, she filed a report with adult protection services. After an assessment, this patient qualified for with meals and assistance with cleaning. Kalie always goes above and beyond to advocate for her patients so that they have the best outcomes. "
    • "From the time I started working here, she has always gone above and beyond for her patients. She is a go getter. She is respectful and no matter what is going on in her life, she uses it to make her a better nurse. She is the most compassionate nurse that I've worked with. Patients say such nice things about her and always want her to be their nurse. She makes sure everyone from staff to patients are happy. Most of the time she doesn't even take a break. She never lets anyone or patient feel any negativity. She definitely keeps this emergency room going when trauma arrives. She delegates everyone in the right directions they need to be and comforts the families when needed. She deserves to be recognized for the outstanding job she does."

    The Daisy Award Committee would also like to recognize and congratulate the following nominees for the 2015 DAISY Award.

    • Katie Callais, RN
    • Regan Breaux, RN
    • Britteny Ledet, RN
    • Micah Callais, RN
    • Brooke Guidry, RN
    • Shawn Fontane, RN
    • Lauren Plaisance, RN

    Please continue to submit nominations by downloading and returning this form, since this is an ongoing recognition program. Certificates may be given out monthly and awards will be given out annually.





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